The New Jersey School Boards Association and the Educational Leadership Foundation of New Jersey, in partnership with the New Jersey Education Foundation Partnership, are presenting a training program on the policies and best practices of successful education foundations.

The training program will take place at NJSBA headquarters in Trenton on Thursday, May 11 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Education foundations are non-profit groups that are usually run by community volunteers, and typically work closely with school district administrators to fund worthy projects. An education foundation can provide funds for enrichment activities, special equipment, outside programs and training programs for teachers that would otherwise not fit into a district’s budget.

NJSBA is also currently conducting a survey about education foundations. Please take a moment to complete this survey, and let us know about your experience with education foundations.

The training program is designed for districts that plan to start an education foundation, or that are looking to take their current education foundation to the next level. It will review the intersection of foundation (non-profit) policy and district policy. Attendees will learn about best practices, collaboration strategies for the foundation and the district, and the role a foundation can play in the funding of strategic plans and other wish list items.

Registration This program, sponsored by the Educational Leadership Foundation of New Jersey, is open to all New Jersey public school leaders and district staff interested in learning more about education foundations. Registration is available online, and the registration deadline is 5 p.m., Tuesday, May 9.