Good ideas are all around in New Jersey’s public schools.

NJSBA’s A+ Ideas, Programs and Practices online directory is looking to showcase those ideas — from innovative STEAM programs, to collaborative labor and management efforts, to money-saving school district operations practices.

School board members, school administrators, and others are invited to submit their district’s innovative programs for consideration for NJSBA’s A+ Ideas, Programs and Practices directory, an online collection of exemplary public school district programs from throughout New Jersey.

NJSBA has re-launched the directory, adding new content and additional photos, and seeks to feature more programs. The A+ website includes programs in the categories of Community Relations; Curriculum/Student Achievement; STEAM Education; Governance/Board Leadership; School Climate; Shared Services; Facilities/Financial Operations; Sustainable Practices; and Special Education.

Districts are invited to submit ideas and programs for consideration by completing a brief online survey, available on the A+ site. For more information, email Aplus.