As part of the NJSBA TEC program, New Jersey School Boards Association is offering webinars this on a wide range of school technology topics this June.

NJSBA’s interactive and informative webinars are free, and make learning convenient. Viewers may watch webinars live to interact and ask questions, or watch the archived broadcast at any time. Pre-registration is required, and board members, administrators, and other district staff members are encouraged to participate.

The upcoming schedule of NJSBA TEC webinars is as follows:

Introducing Fusfoo High School Digital Network, June 6, 10 – 11 a.m. Fusfoo, a new free tool offered through the NJSBA TEC program, gives high school students a safe, bully-free, educational and engaging space for content to be created, curated, shared and consumed. Your school’s editorial and video content will be created by your students — for your students and available across all devices. Students can export their portfolio of work for college applications and internship and job interviews. During this webinar, learn about all of the ways your school can benefit from Fusfoo. Register now.

How Schools are Modernizing Data Storage, June 13, 10 – 11 a.m. Learn ways VMware is modernizing the way educational information/data is managed. Webinar participants will learn about a solution that enables schools to cost-effectively provide next generation storage capabilities on a small, medium, and large scale. Register now for this webinar.

Build a Positive Culture and Empower Students with iSchool Initiative, June 15, 10 – 11 a.m. iSchool Initiative provides unique services designed to help build positive culture and empower students to become lifelong learners and leaders. iSchool Initiative accomplishes this by empowering students to have a voice in their education, supporting teachers’ use of technology in the classroom, and working with board members and administrators to create a top-down vision for a bold, forward-thinking educational culture. During this webinar, learn about ways districts can benefit from the iSchool initiative. Register now.

Lower Operating Expenses and Invest Money Back into the Classroom, June 21, 10 – 11 a.m. Learn how districts can save 20 percent or more on monthly telecommunications through a no-cost a telecommunications analysis and inventory cost analysis as part of the NJSBA TEC program. During this webinar, CrosStar Network Solutions (CNS) will demonstrate ways your district can reduce monthly costs, eliminate unnecessary services, and upgrade to better, less expensive technology. Register now.

About NJSBA TEC The NJSBA TEC program enables districts to purchase technological tools and services at reduced costs. The program, supported by the New Jersey Department of Education, assists schools by providing cost-saving alternatives for creating, establishing and continuing the most current digital learning opportunities available for students.

For more information on the upcoming webinars or the NJSBA TEC program, please contact NJSBA TEC via email.