The New Jersey School Boards Association has partnered with the iSchool Initiative to provide unique services designed to help build positive culture and empower students to become lifelong learners and leaders. The program is designed to empower students to have a voice in their education, support teachers’ use of technology in the classroom, and enable board members and administrators to create a top-down vision for a bold, forward-thinking educational culture. The goal is to build an extensive community of lifelong learners and educational leaders throughout the state.

The iSchool Initiative’s suite of services is offered through a partnership with New Era Technology (formerly Promedia) as part of the NJSBA TEC program.

The links below offer more information on the iSchool Initiative suite of services:

Future Ready Schools – NJ Certification Program iSchool Initiative can help districts to earn points within each of the themes of the new Future Ready Schools – NJ Certification program. Contact Michael Edwards at iSchool Initiative to learn ways iSchool can help in the areas of collaborative leadership, community partnerships, curriculum instruction and assessment, personalized professional learning, and use of space and time.

Informational Webinar To learn more about ways the iSchool Initiative can benefit schools and districts and put savings back into the classroom, register for a free webinar on Thursday, June 14 at 10 a.m.

More Information To learn more contact Adam Scarzafava or Michael Edwards.