The NJSBA Board of Directors on Nov. 3 approved a new Strategic Plan to guide the Association through the year 2020.

To develop the plan, the Association used the “3-D” process (“Determination, Dreams, Destiny”), which is offered to local school districts through NJSBA’s Field Services Department. The four-month effort involved stakeholder input, identification of the Association’s strengths and challenges, establishment of a vision for the year 2020, and the setting of goals and objectives.

“The new Strategic Plan represents continuity and growth,” explained Dr. Lawrence S. Feinsod, NJSBA executive director. “Its goals and objectives will build upon NJSBA’s success in creating public-private partnerships, increasing our influence in the advocacy arena, and refining training and direct services.

“It also breaks new ground,” he continued. “We are looking to expand the definition of student success to include social and emotional well-being. We also plan to increase public awareness of the contributions of local boards of education to student growth and learning, and help our members become ‘Future Ready’ by acquiring the technology and resources our students will need.”

Based upon member and staff input, the following vision statement will guide the Association in implementing the new Strategic Plan:

Student growth and learning are at the heart of all activities of the New Jersey School Boards Association. By advancing effective school district governance, our Association empowers local boards of education to ensure the well-being and success of every child.

The Strategic Plan includes 21 objectives in the following five goal areas:

GOAL AREA 1: Student Growth Learning, Well-Being and Success
Every New Jersey student will have the tools to be successful in pursuit of their chosen life goals in a safe, healthy, caring climate.

GOAL AREA 2: Direct and Support Services for Local Boards of Education
NJSBA will be the primary resource for New Jersey’s local boards of education.

GOAL AREA 3: Advocating for Public Education
NJSBA will maintain and enhance its status as the statewide voice for committed school board members through direct engagement and public awareness, advocating for the well-being and success of every child.

GOAL AREA 4: Developing New Jersey’s School Board Members
NJSBA will continue to encourage professional development and will expand the number of well-trained members, who are informed on the school board’s role in advancing student growth and learning.

GOAL AREA 5: Building a “Future Ready” Association
Leading by example, NJSBA will provide local boards of education with strategies and resources to advance digital learning and become “Future Ready.”

The Strategic Plan for 2018-2020, including all goals and objectives, is available online at