Rider University will collaborate with the New Jersey School Boards Association to host the second annual Environmental Sustainability Workshop and Symposium for board members, teachers, administrators and high school students.

The event for high school students takes place on Thursday, Nov. 3.

Rider and the NJSBA will approach environmental sustainability by considering the challenges society faces and the solutions to those problems, and offering examples of professions that actively work to tackle and address the problems.

The Environmental Sustainability Symposium for High School Students will involve Rider faculty and external environmental speakers who will educate high school students, teachers and other education leaders

The session for high school students will be offered as part of a program for board members, teachers and administrators. The NJSBA will also offer a breakout session for education stakeholders on the benefits of sustainability in the education setting. The goal is to have board members, teachers and administrators learn more about resources and how to improve their schools’ efforts in the area of environmental sustainability for New Jersey public schools. Board members may earn three Academy Credits for attending.

Advance registration for all school teachers, students, board members, and other school representatives is required. Registration will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. There is no charge for attendance, thanks to a generous grant provided by the TD Charitable Foundation.

To register for Nov. 3, please go to http://www.rider.edu/about-rider/sustainability-rider/projects-and-events/workshop-symposium