The NJSBA Delegate Assembly will take place on Nov. 18, 2017. NJSBA reminds all school boards that decisions made by each Delegate Assembly are followed by action that often results in the introduction of legislation, the stopping of undesirable legislation or the adoption of new State Board of Education policies.

The Delegate Assembly gives local school boards the opportunity for input before these far-reaching statewide policy decisions are made. Therefore, we urge boards to review the recommendations of the committee reports and proposed resolutions so that their delegates are familiar with the issues. Policies adopted by the Delegate Assemblies are codified in NJSBA’s Manual of Positions and Policies on Education and can be viewed on the NJSBA website at


Report of the Ad Hoc Special Resolutions Subcommittee charged to review NJSBA’s policies concerning funding of charter schools and to make recommendations, as necessary, to the Delegate Assembly on Nov. 18, 2017.


Middletown Township (Monmouth) The resolution proposes additional language in NJSBA Manual of and Policies on Education that states NJSBA believes that it is detrimental to students, school programs, and local taxpayers to have the state reduce projected aid to school districts after school budgets have been adopted.

Bloomfield (Essex) The resolution requests that the state Legislature enact legislation that would force the state to fully fund special education costs including extraordinary aid costs and transportation costs, limit the increases that all providers can charge to the same 2 percent cap imposed on school districts, and that special services funding supplied by the state should follow the child.

Also on the agenda is the sunset review of File Code 6000 (Instruction) and 7000 (Construction, Remodeling, Renovation) of the NJSBA’s Manual of Positions and Policies on Education.

Notice was e-mailed/faxed to school business administrators, county association presidents and delegates on Oct. 10 advising them that the resolutions and background materials and committee recommendations can be found at the Delegate Assembly webpage, so that local boards can review these materials prior to the Delegate Assembly. The Delegate Assembly handbook was mailed to all delegates registered by Oct. 20.

The November Delegate Assembly will be held at The Conference Center at Mercer. Directions are provided on the website and in the delegate packet. Delegates may register online at “Register for the DA.” If the delegate or alternate is unable to attend, any member of the board of education may be certified to represent the board at the meeting. To be certified, delegates must show proof on district letterhead that they have been designated to represent the board at the meeting.