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The NJSBA Board of Directors met on Friday, September 30, 2016, at the Association’s headquarters in Trenton. The agenda included the following:

  • Heard a report of the Task Force to Study NJSBA Governance 2016, which will be presented to the Dec. 10 Delegate Assembly.
  • Approved a grant request from the Educational Leadership Foundation of New Jersey to provide funding from ACES to cover the costs of the county meetings through Dec. 31, 2016.
  • Approved the first reading and waived the second reading on the revisions to the GO Policy numbers 4113.1-Official Office Hours, 4113.11-Flextime, 4113.12-Compressed Workweek, 4113.13-Telecommuting, 4113.2-Inclement Weather /Emergency Closings, and 4117, Termination of Employment.
  • Approved the amended open and closed session minutes of the May 13, 2016 meeting.
  • Approved the Legislative Committee appointments.
  • Elected Board of Directors’ representatives to the 2017-2019 NJSBA Nominating Committee.
  • Received an update from the executive director on the progress of the strategic plan, which included an update on the success of the Sustainable Jersey for Schools certification program by Donna Drewes, Sustainable Jersey; a video and discussion program presented at county meetings on the boards’ role in advancing achievement; the relationship NJSBA has built over the past two years with a wide range of organizations within the education community, in higher education and in the business and non-profit sectors; the establishment of a relationship with the United States Army; the development of printed resources, such as the recent publication Fundamentals of School Board Membership; ensuring the relevancy of training; strengthening partnerships and building new ones; supporting advocacy at the local and county levels, and becoming a resource on educational policy decisions for state leaders.
  • The advocacy update included a report on the two school funding proposals.
  • The Workshop 2016 update focused on NJSBA exceeding all financial benchmarks.
  • Received an update on activities from the NJSBA president, vice president for county activities, vice president for finance, vice president for legislation/resolutions and immediate past president.
  • Recognized the following new Board of Directors alternate members: Charles Miller, Hunterdon County; Mike Scarneo, Morris County; John Barton, Ocean County; Robert Morrison, Somerset County; and Anthony Wilcox, Vocational Boards.
  • Ben Giovine was recognized for being elected to the member position from the alternate position, representing Ocean County.
  • The following members were recognized for being re-elected to their office for their first full term or to serve a second term: Eileen Miller, member, Salem County; Dominick Miletta, alternate, Salem County; Ray Morris, member, Sussex County; Anthony Fasano, alternate, Sussex County; and Helen Kirsch, member, Union County.
  • Information items included December 2016 Delegate Assembly update; executive director’s goals for 2016-17; GO/4000 regulations: 4113.11R-Flextime, 4113.12R-Telecommunity, and 4117R-Termination of Employment; legal case summary; and NJSBA President and Officers’ written reports.