NJSBA is rolling out a new governance training series, Foundations for Success, designed to equip board members with the skills they need to deal with issues they face at the board table. The three programs will focus on school finance, student achievement, and school law, and will be offered regionally, hosted through the local county school boards associations. These highly interactive and informative programs will offer members a new way to fulfill the training requirements of the School District Accountability Act.

Learn more about each of the three programs:

Fundamentals of School Finance With resources limited, it is imperative that school board members have an understanding of school finance – where their revenue comes from, how aid is calculated, the budget process and the impact of bargaining unit contracts on the overall budget. (Completion of this course satisfies the Governance II requirements.)

Board Actions that Impact Student Achievement In recent years New Jersey has revamped state standards and increased state standardized testing to increase student achievement, but how can local districts use these tools to increase student achievement? Learn about the board’s role in student achievement, and ways the board and superintendent can work together to keep the district focused on student achievement and preparing students for their future. (Completion of this course satisfies the Governance III requirements.)

Advancements in School Law Whether it is a new legal ruling, clarification of an existing law, or a new ethics advisory opinion, school board members should be aware of the changes in the law that affect the board of education’s operations. In this advanced governance course, board members will receive comprehensive training in the most recent legal decisions and administrative determinations affecting public education in New Jersey. (Completion of this course satisfies the Governance IV requirements.)

The programs, which are free to members, will run from 6 – 9 p.m., with dinner starting at 6 p.m. and the formal program beginning at 6:45 p.m. Each location will offer all three programs, unless specifically noted. School business administrators may register their members through the links below.

Please contact the Training Department for questions regarding Mandated Training requirements.

For questions regarding the Foundations for Success programs, please contact Marcia Lavigne, NJSBA county activities coordinator.