Series Provides Critical Information to Prospective Board Members

Conflicts of interest. The New Jersey School Ethics Act. Criminal history record checks. All are topics that every school board candidate should know about.

To help prospective board members understand the requirements of the office, the New Jersey School Boards Association has created a video series, Ten Things School Board Candidates Should Know.

The first installment, “Number 1 – Conflicts of Interest,” has just been posted online. It features NJSBA Director of Legal & Labor Relations Services Mike Kaelber. Future segments, to be posted weekly, will address collective bargaining, training requirements, the paperwork that must be completed to serve on a school board, and other areas.

Ray Pinney, host of NJSBA’s Education Matters program and the Association’s director of county activities and member engagement, delves into the issues by interviewing experts from NJSBA’s legal department.

The videos, which vary in length from 3 to 5 minutes, will be accessible through NJSBA’s web site.