School board members across the country have played an important role in bringing breakfast in the classroom and other alternative service models to their school district.

As champions for the program, school board members can provide invaluable leadership to ensure the success and sustainability of the school breakfast program. On Oct. 8 from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m., the Food Research and Action Center will conduct a webinar that will highlight action steps school board members can take to support school breakfast expansion, and discuss how state school board associations can engage with local advocates, parents, and members of the school community to bring breakfast in the classroom to more districts in the state.

Sharon Seyler, NJSBA legislative advocate, will participate in the webinar, along with the California School Boards Association, and a school board member from Nashville. Seyler will talk about the success New Jersey has had in increasing the number of children who participate in school breakfast programs.

You can access the webinar live at this link. The recorded webinar audio and slides will be posted at: