The New Jersey Education Association (NJEA) is holding a student art contest; the winning entries will be featured in an exhibit on social justice that will be at the NJEA Convention in November. The deadline for submission of artwork is Oct. 6.

The exhibit will be a multisensory experience called “The Awakening,” and will include displays that reveal stories of students’ lives. The exhibit seeks to deepen understanding of the impact of educators on students of color, LGBTQ students and immigrant students at every level of education.

The “Through Our Eyes” art contest will have middle and high school students across New Jersey illustrating, in their chosen medium, the experience of students of color, LGBTQ students, and immigrant students. Students may choose to illustrate any of the nine provided scenarios from the perspective of the student in the situation, or that of another student onlooker.

For specs regarding artwork, scenario details, deadlines, and prizes, please see the paperwork located here and here.

For any questions, please contact NJEA Organizational Development Consultant, Jaime Valente, at [email protected].