NJSBA Visits NASA’s Goddard Space Center
A group of 78 NJ school officials visited the Goddard Space Center in Maryland on April 28.









A group of 78 New Jersey board members and school administrators visited NASA’s Goddard Space Center in Greenbelt, Maryland on April 28 to learn how NASA can help support integrative science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (I-STEAM) curriculum.

Participants toured the facility, interacted with NASA scientists and engineers and attended presentations on educational resources and engineering design challenges available to districts through NASA.  They also participated in collaborative real-world problem solving with NASA Goddard engineers from the Mission Design Laboratory, and learned action steps for school districts’ I-STEAM plan, which align with NASA resources. One highlight was seeing the James Webb Space Telescope (shown at left), as it was being packed in a “clean room” the day before it was being shipped out to be launched into space.

It was the fourth NJSBA I-STEAM NASA trip.