What’s ACES? Is your school district a member? If not, why not?

The Alliance for Competitive Energy Services (ACES) has worked for more than 15 years to purchase electricity and natural gas at discounted prices for New Jersey’s schools.

This type of service was made possible in 1999 when New Jersey deregulated its energy sector with the Electric Discount and Energy Competition Act. The law restructured the electric and natural gas industries, and allowed consumers the freedom to choose their supplier. The New Jersey School Boards Association, along with its partners, the New Jersey Association of School Administrators and the New Jersey Association of School Business Officials created ACES. Basically, ACES buys in bulk, and passes on the savings to New Jersey’s school districts, and, by extension, the state’s taxpayers.

Today ACES is the largest energy aggregation program in the state, with unmatched experience and unrivalled buying power and service. Every year, the energy market gets more complicated, yet more and more transparent. The ACES team is constantly working to look ahead and find ways to improve the program, help its members and save New Jersey taxpayers more money. ACES has become a model program for other states looking to replicate its success.


ACES has kept ahead of an ever-changing market place. Introduced last year as a free benefit to ACES members, ACESPlus offers the next generation of energy savings. Under ACESPlus, solutions such as renewable energy sources, energy security and resiliency, and resource efficiency are now within reach for ACES members. ACESPlus is a fully customized approach that helps schools navigate complex financial, technical and procurement issues to implement comprehensive upgrades.

ACESPlus is a response to the obstacles that our ACES members have encountered over the years. With well over 100 ACES members completing free energy audits under the Local Government Energy Audit program, many of our members have shared with us the difficulties they encounter when they want to implement upgrades to address the issues the audits have uncovered. ACESPlus will help members navigate through New Jersey’s complex procurement laws and address the real world resource limitations that districts face due to funding limitations.

A recent example of one of the new offerings under ACESPlus is an enhanced renewable electricity option made available to all ACES members.

First the first time, school districts choosing an energy contract will have the opportunity to select an electricity product for their district that includes renewable energy and still saves money. Approximately 20 percent of the power in the product comes from renewable energy sources located within the regional electric grid that serves New Jersey. By selecting a product containing 20 percent renewable energy, districts can purchase power today that meets the mandatory statewide goal set for 2020.

Additionally, the “Voluntary Enhanced Renewable Energy Product” is designed to assist districts with their goals for the Sustainable Jersey for Schools certification program. Districts that select the enhanced green product will be eligible to receive 10 points toward their Sustainable Jersey for Schools certification.

This type of product and the savings it delivers are made possible through the market power of ACES, coupled with the organization’s experience and reputation in the energy marketplace.

To find out more about the savings and services available from ACES and ACES Plus, please contact Carol Friedman at (732) 296-0770 or via email.

She can be reached at the email above.