Prom and graduation season should be an exciting time for students. The right guidance from parents and teachers will help keep it safe and enjoyable. In a survey conducted last year by AAA, 41 percent of teens said that they or their friends are likely to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol during this season. Also, 84 percent of the teens think their peers will drive under the influence rather than call a parent for a ride and risk getting in trouble. Help safeguard students during prom and graduation season with these tips:

Talk to Students – Be clear to teens about all of the consequences and dangers that can come from driving while intoxicated, from loss of license and fines to the risk of severe injuries or death.

Pick Chaperones – Gather a group of teachers and/or administrators to be present before, during and after the event. They will be able to watch students and make sure they are celebrating responsibly.

Sponsor an After-Party– This can be held at a different location from where prom or graduation is being held, but it helps ensure students can enjoy these special times in a safe and supervised environment.

Require a Check-in – Make sure all the people who attend prom or graduation are supposed to be there. This can be done by requiring guests to have a ticket or to check in before attending the event.