Anti-Bullying Act Division determined that parents failed to produce sufficient credible evidence to satisfy the residuum rule, allegations of bullying dismissed. D.W. v. Willingboro, Dkt No. Pc38me-61993, (Div. on Civil Rights, Final Decision March 21, 2016)

Racial Discrimination Following a “Lopez Hearing,” Director determined that tenured principal had reason to believe race played a role in the increment withholding implemented by the board of education subsequent to administrative errors in the implementation of state-mandated testing procedures. Because the Director found that the principal did not act on his belief within 180 days, his petition before the Division was untimely and dismissed same. Spells v. Matawan-Aberdeen Regional School District, OAL DOCKET NO. CRT 12010-14, (Div. on Civil Rights, Final Decision March 14, 2016)