Supplemental Index

Supplement: Index to Recent Opinions of the Commissioner and State Board


�      Unpublished school law decisions of the Commissioner of Education from July 1998-forward, as they are made available to NJSBA by the Department of Education

�      State Board appellate history of those decisions

IMPORTANT NOTE: This document may not contain every school law decision that has been rendered during the relevant time period.   NJSBA legal staff will conduct a final review of this document in the event there have been any inadvertent omissions of Commissioner, State Board or court decisions for the relevant periods covered.  

Also please note that the Index to School Law Decisions is intended as a guide to locating school law decisions, not as a primary source of legal advice or information.  We hope that it will be used accordingly and not as a substitute for a thorough and professional review of current case law, statutes, administrative regulations and collective bargaining agreements in the context of a specific fact situation.   

Also, readers should recognize that the Index is not intended as a comprehensive research tool for state or federal judicial decisions.  Rather, NJSBA legal staff has exercised discretion in selecting court decisions that it believes will be of interest to readers of the Index.   Further, neither decisions of the Public Employment Relations Commission (PERC) nor special education decisions of the New Jersey Office of Administrative Law, are included.  Persons wishing more information PERC decisions should consult the NJSBA publication, Index and Analysis of PERC Decisions.