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Many NJSBA member districts are using VMware today or are in the planning stages for deploying virtualization to reduce costs and improve performance and efficiency. NJSBA has partnered with VMware and Carahsoft to make virtualization technologies more affordable to school boards associations across the country.

NJSBA TEC Cooperative Pricing System

The NJSBA TEC program, supported by the New Jersey Department of Education, enables school districts and charter schools to purchase cloud-based services including Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), Desktop as a Service (DaaS), and more—all at deeply discounted rates. Our cooperative pricing system eliminates the need for your district to undergo the competitive bidding process. We’ve done the work for you, so that your schools—and taxpayers—can benefit from these low rates. Learn More

Improvements in Efficiency and Student Achievement

Schools are facing tighter budgets and an expectation of greater student outcomes. Through the successful integration of new technologies, schools can move beyond traditional classroom models and offer improved access to valuable educational resources and curriculum.

Solutions such as Workspace One ensure that students and faculty have access to educational resources anywhere and anytime – in the classroom, on a mobile device or from their home or any place where they have Internet access.

Benefits to Schools:

  • Reduce IT costs through server consolidation
  • Leverage cloud software to build a flexible virtual infrastructure
  • Support access to data and applications through a wide variety of devices
  • Create an affordable disaster recovery solution

Save Money and Improve Performance

By consolidating servers and datacenters, and by moving applications to the cloud, your district can achieve short- and long-term savings while improving accessibility to students and staff.

NJSBA can offer VMware solutions to:

  • Reduce data center and capital costs by as much as 60 percent
  • Reduce time spent on routine administrative tasks by about a third
  • Reduce power, cooling and space needs by cutting energy costs for IT infrastructure by up to 60 percent
  • Maximize IT resources
  • Improve access to school applications
  • Extend hardware lifecycle costs without impacting performance

Products Offered through the Contract

Data Center Virtualization and Cloud Infrastructure – Use server virtualization and consolidation to transform your data center into a flexible cloud infrastructure. Learn More

Networking and Security – Attach network and security services to VMs with a policy-driven approach and treat your physical network as a pool of transport capacity with NSX. Learn More

Storage and Availability – Software-defined storage extends the benefits of virtualization to storage. It enables per-application storage services and a common policy-based management architecture across traditional and hyper-converged storage. Learn More

Hyper-Converged Infrastructure – Our hypervisor-centric architecture converges hardware and the software stack, delivering a fully converged infrastructure from a single industry-standard x86 server hardware platform. Learn More

Cloud Management Platform – Effectively manage the complete lifecycle of services delivered in a hybrid cloud environment. Learn More

Digital Workspace – Support the need for simplified, unified management of end-points, while providing a more efficient model for delivering and managing enterprise applications to users across all of their devices. Learn More

Desktop and Application Virtualization – Simply and securely deliver Windows desktops, applications and online services to end users across virtual data centers, virtual machines and physical devices. Learn  More

Desktop and Application Virtualization Management

Enterprise Mobility Management -Distribute, configure, track and manage all mobile devices, mobile applications, and content on a single unified platform—to drive workforce productivity and business growth to new levels. Learn More

Personal Desktop – Easily and flexibly run Windows programs on a Mac at home or work. Do more on your laptop than ever before: run apps on multiple operating systems. Develop, test and debug. Even build an entire cloud. Learn More

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Find out how your district can lower expenses and energy costs through a more efficient use of servers and technology. Learn more online, or reach out to Catie Rothrauff at [email protected].