Access the Nov. 20 DA Website

You can now access the DA website through the NJSBA Swoogo conference platform. Instructions on how to login and access the meeting are available on the conference page in Swoogo.


DA Rules and Procedures

The majority of NJSBA policies are derived from resolutions submitted by local boards of education for consideration at the NJSBA Delegate Assembly and are determined by local board members who convene as the policymaking body.

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Manual of Positions and Policies on Education

NJSBA’s Manual of Positions and Policies on Education represents the Association’s beliefs on board of education responsibilities, local school district operations, and other critical areas.

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Procedural Suggestions

Action in delegate meetings is sometimes prolonged when parliamentary procedure has not been properly followed in difficult situations.

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Rules of Conduct

The credential cards of all voting delegates shall be kept visibly displayed during the meeting.

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NJSBA Bylaws

Adopted by the Delegate Assembly, the Bylaws govern the operations of the New Jersey School Boards Association.

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